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Terms & Conditions of Services

  • The term & conditions contained on the face and the back of the present Invoice including the payment terms contained herein above (jointly termed as "Terms and Condition"), shall constitute the entire understanding between the Customer and "Ad Web Media" and shall supersede all previous representations, understanding or agreement.
  • Upon signing of the present Invoice it shall be deeded that the Customer has read and understood the Term and Conditions, as contained herein and has agrees to abide by same.
  • Payment made is covered under "Advertising Contract" Income Tax Section 194CTDS as application.
  • Cheque/Draft/Transfer shall be made in favour of "Ad Web Media" Only.
  • No Cash Payment, Company not liable for that.


  • The term & condition herein shall constitute and form an entire Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") between Ad Web Media ("AWM") and the customer.
  • Any Clause of the Term and Condition if deemed invalid, void or for any reason becomes unenforceable, shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining clauses of the Term and Condition of this agreement.


  • In the event the Agreement gets Terminated for any reason whatsoever before the expiry of one year from the date of the Agreement, than the website, hosting and domain, if so applicable, provided by "AWM" shall be chargeable by "AWM" and the Customer agrees to pay for the same, in case the Customer intends to continue the use of such website, hosting and hosting after the period of one year from the date of this Agreement.
  • That case the advertising budget of the customer is consumed before the expiry of the period of one year from the date of this Agreement than also the customer shall be entitled to use the website hosting and Domain for the balance period, However in the event the Customer intends to continue the use of such website, hosting and domain after the period of one year from the date of his Agreement than the same shall be chargeable.
  • In the event of the advertisement requirements requested by the Customer fall within the restricted category of Google or are not supported by Google or are against the policy of the Google than "AWM" shall have the right to refund the balance consideration paid by the Customer.
  • AWM reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertising requirement at its sole discretion, with or without cause, at any time, Balance advertising budget will be refunded to the customer.


  • Any third party application such as payment gateway, shipping gateway, SMS gateway, SSL certificate or stock photo will need to be purchased by the customer and they shall own the copyright to these materials. Customer will retain the ownership of aforesaid mentioned third party applications.
  • It is agreed and understood that by the customer that "AWM" shall integrate only one payment gateway in the present scope of the work.
  • It is agreed and understood that by the customer that the hosting (server size and cost) is subjected to the website size.
  • It is agreed and understood that any type of development, designed like Web, App, Software etc. Primary right reserved by AWM. Main File source code or FTP Login Credentials will be not transferred what so any reasons. Client can continue the services with AWM by paying the renewal payment as per the amount (hosting, domain & maintenance charge) suggested by AWM.
  • It is agreed and understood that by the customer that the with regard to the Browser compatibility the website shall be compatible in, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explore.
  • It is agreed and understood that by the customer that the website will be compatible on Windows OS Only. Further the website will 95% compatible on other operation systems.
  • It is agreed and understood that by the customer that the website will have only one admin. No sub-admin or rights management for backend modules shall be provided.
  • AWM's undertakes that the website shall adhere to W3C validation as for as possible.


  • It is agreed and understood that by the customer that the hosting and domain is valid for one year only, for further service, it will be chargeable from the customer.
  • Customer would only be provided with a CMS where he can do the requisite changes into the website.
  • Only Domains with, ".in", ".co.in", and ".com" are available in this package.


  • IFTP details of the site should be provided by the Customer in case the website is not built by AWM.
  • Keywords once chosen can-not be changed during the entire duration of the project. If changed, there is an Extra Cost, Each Keyword shall cost 20% of total project cost regardless of the timeline of the project.
  • Our performance shall be judged by improvement in ranking of the keywords. Not on the basis of return over investment.
  • Keywords once shown on 1st page will be considered as an accomplishment. By the end of the contract duration, 70% keywords would have ranked on first page at least once, if not AWM undertakes to keep working for that keywords free of cost.
  • If customer make any changes on the website without prior notice and approval of "AWM" , than the responsibility of AWM for the accomplishment shall cease. In such case on page optimization would have to be done again, and extra cost will be chargeable from the customer.
  • SEO package cover SEO for only 1 Search Engine (eg. Google.co.in). SEO for more than one Search Engine would be taken as different package altogether.
  • In case of client decide to terminate the contract before the completion; AWM shall not be liable to meet the deadlines and payment refund.
  • AWM undertakes to provide to the customer regular reports on a monthly basis.


  • Pay Per Click Advisement on Google will be shown on 1st page of Google.co.in, under Google AdWords Position.
  • For Google AdWords Promotion Customer only pay when someone clicks on their ad to visit their website, or calls them. In other words, when their advertising is working.
  • If clients using daily budget capping, Customer ad will be stop appearing on search / display platforms, once daily budget of the customer is exhausted.
  • AWM is responsible to appearing customer on search engine, but not for ROI(Return Over Investment)
  • Keywords suggested by the AWM mention in the proposal or sent by company email id, are for the suggested purposes only and the final keywords on which ads will run may differ to provide best possible results to the Customer.
  • Customer authorise "AWM" to take critical decisions like daily Budget, CPC, Keywords, GEO. Network/Devices for the enhanced performance for the advertising campaign.



  • AWM is completely responsible for quality of the data, as it will be delivered to the particular mail box, which we are targeting. If the data is provided by AWM.
  • AWM is not responsible for the quality of the data, In case data is provided by the customer himself.
  • Login panel will be provided to the clients to use data according to their requirement for one year only.
  • In case of client not able to use data in particular 1year time duration, data will be laps and AWM will be not liable for refund balance payment or extent date to use balance data.


  • The Consideration means the cost of the package purchased by the Customer from "AWM"(Ad Web Media).
  • AWM has right to charge any additional work executed by "AWM".
  • Once website is live after the approval of the Customer, all the changes requested to AWM shall be chargeable on mutually agreed terms, In event customer does not respond regarding the approval of the website by "AWM", within the 7days from the date it being sent. Than same shall be deemed to have been approved and any changes requested thereafter to AWM shall be additionally chargeable. However Client would have an all time CMS access to make changes to the website.
  • AWM reserve the right to make the changes into the term & condition at any time without giving prior intimation to the client's.
  • It's Client's Responsibilities to keep themselves updated regarding the term & condition of the AdWebMedia by visiting our website www.adwebmedia.in


  • If the contract is terminated by the Customer before services started under this Agreement are to begin execution or in the process of completion that in such an event, under no Circumstances, the Consideration paid or agreed to be paid by the customer, shall not be refundable and the same shall be forfeited in full.


  • AWM will not be liable for any loss of profit, loss of contract, loss of use or any direct and/or indirect and/or any subsequent loss, damage or expense sustained by the customer as a result of any acts or omissions, or information, or advice done/given in any form by or on behalf of the AWM to the Customer and customer is advised to make its own inquiries and use its own best judgment and/or intellect before taking any decision.
  • In addition to the above it is further agreed that the Customer shall be solely liable for any loss or damage, whether monetary or otherwise, suffered by it, as a result of any change effected by it, on its own, in the website by using CMS and AWM shall not be held liable on any account what so ever.
  • Customer would be provided access to reporting interface by AWM, showcasing all the critical performance parameters however AWM accepts no liability based on performance.


  • Customer permits AWM to make calls and messages on his Mobile and office contract numbers subsequent to the signing of this Agreement.
  • Customer agrees s to do all the requisite changes recommended by AWM on its website in order to enhance the advertising campaign performance.
  • Customer agrees to take virtual number from AWM, for the purposes of running the advertising campaign and to enable measurability of the campaign.